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Samoan (Gagana fa‘a Sāmoa) is a Polynesian language spoken mainly in Western Samoa and American Samoa, and also in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. There are about 169,000 speakers of Samoan in Samoa, 95,428  in New Zealand, and 38,525 in Australia. Samoan has two speech registers: colloquial Samoan, or tautala leaga ("casual speech"), and formal Samoan, or gagana fa‘aaloalo ("polite language"). There are many differences in vocabulary between these registers, and some differences in pronunciation. Formal Somoan is used with people of higher rank, elders, guests and strangers, and in literature. Colloquial Samoan is used with family and friends.

samoan school ingleburn.jpg


Location: 4/33-35 Stanley Road, Ingleburn
Day/Time: Saturday 10 am - 1pm
Contact: Principal Fia Piese

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